Other’s published texts


As an aid to interpretation and contextualisation, it is interesting and sometimes helpful to read what others have made of the works one has created, both for me and others considering them, and whether for the first time or not. The selection on this website represents four different approaches . .

The first is by Chris Meigh-Andrews, himself a video artist, but also an academic and author. This piece is from the catalogue to a 2015 show of my video works alongside the paintings of my old friend/mentor Paresh Chakraborty. Chris suggests how the progress of technology over the past 40 years has provided display possibilities that now enhance the potential of experiencing the older video works compared with those possible at the time of their making. Chris has also written a definitive “History of Video Art” referenced at the end of his piece, and discusses other aspects of my work in more detail in there.

The second is also from that same catalogue, but is by Dr Holly Rogers, currently senior lecturer in Music and Image at Goldsmiths, University of London. She writes particularly about the “intermediality” of the live performance modality that I developed in the earlier works, and the way that has informed the later works too.

The third is a section from another book on the history of early video art, this one in Italian by Gabriele and Umberto Tosi and kindly translated for this website. It has circular themes of its own as it references the older version of this website interwoven with their own interpretation of the works themselves from their different cultural perspective.

Lastly, a piece by Adam Lockhart, curator of the important REWIND project in Dundee, who looks at how my work relates to the on-going development of the technical possibilities of this medium. This is extracted with his help from the REWIND project book referenced at the end of his piece.